College Infrastructure


Shanmuga College Of Physiotherapy is situated in the picturesque views of Bay of Bengal. Keeping the betterment of the students when it comes to academic, physical and mental progress, SCPT is always a paramount.

From the moment it laid its foundation in the ground the establishment became a recognized educational institute in the city. Its eminence lies not just in the academic success of its students but also in their all round personality and enhanced sense of maturity at young age.

The place was set up with the sole intention of taking upon itself the responsibility of crafting more intelligent and intellectual human beings.

Widening their horizon when it comes to their studies as well as their code of conduct when interacting with fellow mates, the college takes the initiative of moulding them into better citizens.

overlooking the heart of the city, Our SCPT is attached to Vinayaka Missions Medical College Hospital, Karaikal which is considerably convenient for its Students.Being in an area that is well connected by road and train also adds to its advantage. Consists of 3 Pre-Clinical and 5 Para-Clinical departments accommodated in a vast area in 5 different blocks. They are provided with all facilities as required by Medical Council of India. Well equipped demonstration halls, practical halls, Laboratories and museums are available.